Your pet’s 1st visit to a new vet can be stressful – not only for them but you as well.
At Starvet we want to ease those stresses by letting you know exactly what you can expect from our team!

Arrival & Check In

Upon arrival at the practice please make sure your pet is under your control, either by using a leash or pet carrier before exiting your vehicle. Once inside you will be greeted by our Client Care Specialist at the front desk who will then collect some information in order to locate your appointment. Your pet’s weight will be taken, any medical records you have will be collected and you will be asked to have a seat. A technician will be with you shortly!

Your Pet’s Exam

A technician will escort you into an exam room and a brief history will be taken on your pet. Please let our technician know of any concerns or questions you may have for the doctor. This technician will be with your pet through the entire visit to help make them more comfortable. If you have brought any samples (ex; fecal sample) please provide them to the technician.

After reviewing your pets history, your Veterinarian will enter the room to conduct their examination. A physical exam will be performed and follow up questions will be asked to address any concerns you may have.
During this process the doctor will convey their recommendations and work with you to create a treatment plan tailored specific to your pet’s needs.

Diagnostics / Treatment / Services

Once you and the veterinarian have developed a treatment plan, our technician will assist and carry out the doctor’s recommendations. Most services are done in the room while you are present, however there may be some instances where our tech will take your pet into our treatment area. Don’t worry though, your pet’s technician will be with them the whole time.

Completion of Your Pet’s Exam

After completing all the doctors orders, gathering any medications or products to go home and invoicing your visit, the tech will discharge your pet. At this time the tech will explain all the services provided, clarify medication/diet instructions, review any follow up recommendations from the doctor as well as answer any questions you may have.

Your Visit Doesn’t End There!

Our team at StarVet is committed to providing care 365 days a year!

  • Pet Health Care reminders will be sent to you when your pet is due for services
    These reminders come in the form of an email and text messages. Please be sure to keep your contact information current with our Client Care Specialists!
  • Our Direct Online Scheduler gives you access to schedule an appointment for your pet 24/7.
    Simply click the “Schedule Your Appointment” button on our website – Pick an available date & time – Receive instant confirmation. Your on the books! We’ll see you soon!
  • The MyPetsWellness App is available for download 24 hours after your 1st appointment at the practice.
    This app allows you to view your pets reminders & medications, create appointments and contact us directly. Please visit Your Apple or Google Play store for download.
  • Our online pharmacy will keep you up to date with all the latest sales on medications and preventatives for your pet. Take advantage of Autoship!
  • Monthly emails keep you informed about the latest happenings at the practice and ‘liking” us on Facebook gives the inside scoop on all our activities.

Last but not least, Please feel free to contact us anytime via phone, email or text!