Does my pet need to be up to date on vaccinations before grooming?

  • Yes. Having your pet up to date on vaccinations not only protects your pet but other pets in the center as well.
    Dogs must be up to date on: Rabies, DAPP (Distemper) & Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
    Cats must be up to date on: Rabies & FVRCP (Distemper)
  • Please have your pets vaccinations handy at the time of check in or email them to us before the appointment.

How much will the groom cost?

  • Prices are based on several factors and can vary depending on the services selected, breed of pet, condition of the coat, as well as their health and behavior.
  • All services have a base price which can increase. The most accurate pricing can be given in an estimate at the time of check in. This occurs once the groomer has the chance to assess your pet’s needs.

How long does the groom take?

  • Groom times vary depending on the services being rendered and the behavior of your pet. Generally the groomer asks for 3-4 hours, to allow for breaks if needed, however your pet will be finished as quickly as possible and you will be contacted for pick up.

Do you kennel my pet?

  • Yes, To ensure the safety of all pets in the grooming center, kennels are utilized in order to avoid interactions with other pets and provide a safe place for breaks and awaiting pickup.
  • If your pet cannot be kenneled or has known anxiety issues, accommodations can be made by speaking directly with our groomer. Additional fees may apply.

How is my pet dried?

  • We will select the most appropriate drying method for your pet based on variables such as hair type, breed, behavior and health. If you have concerns regarding the drying of your pet please discuss this directly with the groomer.

If my pet doesn’t like grooming can you sedate?

  • Yes, one benefit to being located in Star Veterinary Center is the veterinarian is able to sedate your pet and monitor their vitals during the grooming process.
  • This speciality appointment would require an appointment with the veterinarian as well as a direct conversation with the groomer. Additional fees will apply.