Veterinary Assistant

Ruth began her journey in 2020 working as Pet Care Associate in the pet industry. Ensuring adoptable pets were healthy and well taken care of jump started her decision into making pet health care a full time passion. Joining our practice in 2021, she is currently enrolled in the CVT program and continues her studies both inside and outside the practice.

Ruth’s Story

I always had a heart for caring and have owned pets all my life. Being able to advocate for our furry friends and care for their needs makes this profession more rewarding than any other I can think of. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to help not only the patients but our clients as well.

As a Veterinary Assistant I work closely with our veterinarians and CVT to ensure all medical treatments are completed and our patients are comfortable. We work collectively as a team to ensure our patients receive the highest standards of medical care available. After treatments, I spend time with the owners to effectively communicate any instructions for after care, review medications and address any questions or concerns they may have. A VA’s job is never complete!

I manage to stay just as busy outside of work as I do when I’m here! I reside with my partner in crime, Luis and all of our rescued pets! Together we have 3 furry felines that love hard and fight endlessly. They keep me on my toes! When not giving smooches to these feisty felines I love taking naps and listening to music.

I look forward to being a voice for your pets and helping clients continue on their pet parenting journey!