Client Care Specialist

Bella started her career in the pet field in 2019. Gaining experience working at a local doggie daycare she then put forth her skills to transfer into our Client Care Specialist position in 2021. Learning from our senior staff as well as engaging in self education, she continues to expand her skills in the veterinary field.

Bella’s Story

I have always been an animal person but working in a daycare setting definitely aided in my decision to kick start a career in the vet industry. Seeing those happy wiggles and curious noses always makes my day and the feeling is like no other! My future goal is to apply the experience I’ve gained overtime and continue to gain, to my studies as I work toward my CVT license.

As a Client Care Specialist I am the front line person for all things client service! From welcoming clients to answering phones and organizing patient charts my duties extend into a variety of different office procedures. Each important in helping make the practice flow and making sure the clients expectations are met. When not up front tending to our clients and their pets you will find me in treatment assisting the doctors and techs as there is a ton to do.

I’m pretty chill when it comes to homelife. I currently have a roommate and a few feline friends that love to snuggle. Growing up my parents always owned dogs but since owning cats…. I can definitely say I’m a cat person! I love to relax and rewatch my favorite movies and shows. In fact, I could stay on my giant bean bag chair with a fuzzy blanket forever.

I can’t wait to welcome our clients into our practice and spend some time with their furry friends!