Do I have to pay an annual enrollment fee for each pet?

Yes. Your 1st pet is the enrollment fee of $199.99 – any additional pets in your household are $159.99. Only the pet enrolled in the PHSP will receive the 20% discount on their invoices.

Do I have to pay this enrollment fee each year? For each pet?

Yes. An annual enrollment fee is paid for each pet, each year.

If I enroll in the PHSP today, will my discount apply to my invoice?

YES! You start saving right away!

What does “annual” mean as it applies to the PHSP?

Your PHSP will be good for 1 year. Meaning from the date you enroll until that same day the following year.  (Example: enrolled on September 17th, 2022 – Good until September 17

Will my PHSP be automatically re-enrolled each year?

No. You must re-enroll your pet at the time of expiration of your plan.
As a perk for enrolling before the expiration date – we will give you 20% off your enrollment fee. We will also notify you about a month before your PHSP expires to re-enroll.

Will the annual enrollment fee change each year?

Most likely, yes. The price for our PHSP will be evaluated each year and adjusted as such.

If I enroll and later decide I don’t need the plan, am I able to get a refund?

No. The annual enrollment fee is not refundable.

Am I able to use my 20% in conjunction with other discounts?

No. This plan is the highest discount we offer and multiple discounts would not apply.

Am I still able to redeem Pet Perks through the App Loyalty program?

YES! We encourage every client to keep saving and redeem when the time is right for you.

If I have a Woof Gang rescue discount on my account, Can I use that on top of my 20% discount?

No. Your PHSP would replace your 10% discount. Multiple discounts would not apply.

If my pet needs to see a specialist. Would my discount apply?

No. Unfortunately we cannot discount another specialists’ services either in house or at another facility.

Does this discount apply to sending bloodwork out to the lab?

 Yes. The discount will be applied to the cost of blood work.

Does the discount apply to surgery and/or Urgent Care services?


Does the discount apply to medications and food?

Yes. If bought within the practice.

Am I able to use the 20% discount online?

No. However, be sure to check our online pharmacy for store discounts and rebates.

Does my discount apply to Virtual Visits?


What is all included in my plan?

After paying the annual enrollment fee – each pet enrolled will receive the following.

  • 20% off every invoice
  • FREE 1 year Rabies vaccination
  • Special bonus offers via the Pet Perks Loyalty Program
  • FREE nail trim during your puppy / kitten series
  • 20% off the renewal of the PHSP – if renewed within the same month before it expires

 Is my pet’s Rabies vaccination really FREE?

Yes! As long as your pet is enrolled in the plan. Your pet will get a 1 year vaccination at no charge.

What are the special bonus offers and how often will I receive them?

The bonus offer will vary with different services. You can expect at least 4 bonus services a year.

Will I get FREE nail trims all the time?

Nail trims will only be free during your puppy or kitten series.

Is this plan like pet insurance?

No. This is an in house plan we offer our clients. This plan does not replace pet insurance and we encourage owners to shop around for the best insurance for the lifestyle of your pet.

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